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Social media Marketing , digital marketing .

Why need of social media marketing ?

Today we are Looking that Social media marketing convert in a big market place. because social media is tha best and latest way of get successful business . today we see that tha traditional marketing is decrease day by day and digitel marketing is increase in jast time because this is contain slow conversion, static , and there are we can't give any type of feedback and this is not expensive but Now in jast time the digital are grouth in best way because it contain fast conversion and it is related from dynamic proses and there we can give feedback at any time with some few time and this is very effective because today maximum people are use android and smart phon and Maximum read from video live YouTube and using maximum video tutorial . so that we can say now Digital marketing is tha best system of marketing and this is increase very fast. Today many people are working for big company and unlimited websites are provide digital marketing service for any type of product and brand's Promotion . For learn digital marketing you have learn SEO , SMO , PPC , SEM , and Etc. by using this all SEO , SMO etc you can do best digital marketing and get perfect successful life.

Source of social media for digital marketing .

1. Facebook

Facebook is a very Big Social media company . everyone today use Facebook . We are use Facebook for chat with friends and like or post photo and etc. Facebook are contain 5 billion + Download from play store so we can Understan that Quantity of Facebook user is Unlimited . In Facebook we can marketing very easy step.

a ) Marketing by Creat Facebook Group

you can creat a big very larz Facebook group there you can add Unlimited Facebook friends with very easyly . you can add member in your facebook amount of unlimited . so If your group growth and you will add members in millions so you can promotion any type of product service in Facebook group. You can make Group on tha any type of topic Like song or models or On any Actor Or Friendship , jokes ETC..

b) Facebook marketing by using Facebook page.

you can Creat any page for your Marketing idea . you can create page on any product name and then you can promote your product in page. A fb page is very usefull for Marketing of brand . many type of business man are use of this Idea for marketing the product. this is very easy type for marketing any product. Were you can promotion of your Websites Any any type of product. in a page you can invite Unlimited people for like the page and you can get unlimited traffic for your blog or websites or any another business for product. you can creat a page with very easy steps you can creat a page from Facebook Application or Using any Chrome etc. when someone like a Facebook page then if you create any post in Page so immediately a notification receive liker. so that this is best way for marketing .

2. instagram .

Today Instagram is Growth very fast. because this application are use in billions people . this is best Place for Digital marketing . you can create a insta id then grow your account then you can marketing any product by using account . you can promote your product very easy steps in instagram. you have only post your service or product.

more Digital marketing Sources .

3. Qura and Printest using for degetel marketing
4. WhatsApp Social Marketing
5.. Insta Marketung
6..Fb Marketing
7.. telegram marketing
8.Youtube marketing .
9. Googel ad

if you want read more marketing tutorial so go Home and search Digital marketing then you get all Tutorial of Social marketing course .

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