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Company formation in Dubai is a straightforward process. The formation of a private limited company involves a few simple steps which can be completed within a week. Company registration with Dubai government agencies does not require any processing fees, while some companies have to pay an annual registration fee for their name and trade names. While the company laws of the UAE are very similar to the laws in most other countries, there are some minor exceptions and so it is important to be aware of them. Company formation UAE is a necessary requirement for any company doing business in Dubai.

Why Everyone is Talking About Company formation in Dubai

Any company which plans to start its business in or register itself in Dubai must get incorporated with Company formation agency Dubai . All companies registered in the UAE are subjected to certain regulation made by Company Law No 6 of 1985, Company Law Amended Decree No 1 of 2004, Commercial Companies Law Act No 4 of 2006 & Federal Law no 5 of 1987 regulating labour matters. The Company Incorporation Agencies specialize Company incorporation services i.e., Company registration, Memorandum& Articles of Association drafting etc… You can form a private limited liability company in Dubai by submitting Company formation documents & paying the fees at Company formation registration office in Dubai.

Here Are Some Steps Involved In Company Formation In Dubai:

Company Formation Requirements: There are certain requirements which every Company must fulfill before applying for Company registration in Dubai. These requirements are as follows-

A. Authorized Share Capital of minimum AED 100,000/-

B. Memorandum &articles of Association( M&AA) duly signed by all authorized signatories along with 2 copies stamped with current registered seal of signatory confirming his/her authority to act on behalf of the proposed Company:- One copy should be submitted to MOFA & other should be retained for record purpose by Signatory /Authorized Signatory of Company.

C. Board Resolution prior Company formation in Dubai One original copy Company Formation by MOFA of Board resolution confirming the names & designation of all Directors along with their passport copies, stamped by Company seal/ Registered Company Stamp affixed on it bearing company name, registration number & date of approval from board members. Company name should not conflict with any trade or business already registered under its name as Company registration is a legal requirement for conducting Company business in UAE .

Company Formation Registration Procedure:

Company Name Approval:

Once your Company formation documents have been approved you can proceed to apply for a trade license or commercial license depending on the nature of your business activity and then register your company at MOFA. To apply for Company name approval, Company formation agents will help you submit Company application along with required documents at Company registrar office in Dubai.

Company Formation Documents & Company Registration Fees:

Company incorporation agents will guide you through the process of government fees payment/company registration fee also known as commercial registration fee for UAE companies. The procedures involved are similar to that of company formation in other countries. All these fees should be paid by pay order or cheque drawn against a UAE bank only.

Trade License Application Form:

Company formation agents can prepare Trade license application forms for your business activity which varies according to your selected business category and service line wise classification under Federal Law No 5 of 1987 regulating labour matters .Trade license is after Company formation in Dubai Company registration procedures.

The Company Formation Company Registration Process is a necessary requirement for Company incorporation UAE . Company Incorporation agents will guide you through all Company registration procedures and assist you to set up a Company in Dubai.


It’s easy to do business in the United Arab Emirates, whether it’s setting up a business, having a discussion with your lawyer or getting advice on taxation! The UAE has an existing network of free zones dedicated to investors from all over the world. In these areas, companies benefit from operating under special economic conditions that have been created especially for them.

Our company formation service gives businesses from around the world the opportunity to enjoy many built-in advantages due to our affiliation with legal advisors working inside. Company formation Company registration is a legal requirement for Company Incorporation UAE. Company incorporation agents will guide you through all Company registration procedures and assist you to set up a Company in Dubai.

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